“Nothing Will Come of Nothing” (Chapter One – A Gentle Drama)


Chapter I

Tony Garcia was as soon as a karate knowledgeable, champion in San Francisco. To be frank, I wasn’t actually all that impressed by the so known as designation given him on behalf of the Gojo kai, Karate Dojo, nevertheless it meant so much to Tony. I doubt he cared for karate all that a lot, but painfully he discovered it, and assuredly to offset any feelings involved with inferiority he would possibly inhibit, he was a shy form of individual, he had felt on being handled as a Mexican at Berkley College. By and huge, there was a sure consolation in realizing as a second diploma black belt, he might kick the daylights out of most anybody on the college, ought to they get too superior with him over his cultural roots, though a pleasant form of lad, good natured, he by no means fought besides at exhibitions, or on the dojo, and with different karate specialists. He was a prime pupil of one of many best masters of karate from Japan. He wasn’t actually very quick, however his fashion and strategies, and drive, made him a lethal opponent. All in all, this gave Garcia some form of satisfaction, of some odd kind. Once I knew him, for I used to be finding out karate on the identical dojo as he, whereas with the remainder of the karate black belts in San Francisco, he appeared to fade into the woodwork; nobody particularly might level him out by identify. And through expositions, once I can be taking photos of the sparing, he’d get mad if he noticed considered one of himself receiving a kick or punch from his opponent. And he held a suspicion that maybe I had it in for him, and favored the opposite man extra as a result of he was white, and his face would present it, as if an elephant had sat on it, however I might merely say, “The Digital camera speaks for itself St√∂rtebeker

Tony Garcia was a member of excessive society, by way of his father being considered one of he richest Mexican households in San Francisco, and thru his mom being from one of many oldest. He attended a prep faculty previous to going to Berkley. And performed some baseball, basketball and soccer, and nobody appeared to inflict any form of race consciousness on him. That’s to say, nobody ever made him really feel like a wetback, or Mexican that did not belong the place he was. Upon commencement from faculty, he married, Colleen Macaulay, a blond haired Caucasian, he was married fifteen months, and had two youngsters, a lady and a boy. Spent many of the $150,000-dollars his household gave him, with it taking a visit for 90-days around the globe. Thereafter, he fell right into a despair, with solely $20,000-dollars left, the remainder of the property being in his mom’s palms, after his father had died, the earlier 12 months. Now his marriage turned slightly repellent, a lifetime of home discontent, with a spouse that wished a wealthy husband, and so Tony at twenty-four years previous, and his spouse at twenty-two, had been separated when Colleen discovered herself a brand new affluent lover in Paris, a pianist twice her age. In any case he had been pondering of leaving her out of boredom, however he felt, pity for her, had he left her, and had he left, he would have underprivileged her of himself and his means, and so she merely beat him too the punch. For essentially the most half, it was in all probability a most healthful departure wanted by each people.

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